A Safe Play Environment for Happy, Healthy Kids

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Healthy kids are the happiest, most adventurous, and most imaginative kids. With over 200,000 injuries related to playground accidents occurring every year, you want to provide the safest environment for your children. Keep these tips in mind for your children as they play outdoors:


Investing in a high quality playset is of the utmost importance because nothing trumps the safety and wellbeing of your child. Make sure to not only research before you purchase, but to perform routine checkups on the equipment to ensure that all joints are tight, nothing has rusted over, and that no pieces are missing or damaged. Rainbow Play Systems pride themselves on providing the best quality equipment for personal playsets that include a safe wood staining process, recessed bolts and hardware, sturdy steel swing connectors, rounded, capped corners, and heavy molded slides.

Safe Environment

Your playset equipment matters, but so does the environment your child plays in. Running, tumbles from the monkey bars, jumps from the swings, and topples from the slide happen. Having a proper surface that covers and extends at least six feet beyond a playset for your kids to play on will help cushion falls and prevent serious injuries. Make sure that the playset is safe from all angles and that it isn’t near low-hanging branches, power lines, fencing, concrete footings, tree stumps, or any else that could be hazardous to your child’s safety.

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Even with the safest equipment available, it’s important that you keep an eye on your kids as they play. Make sure that you have a playset that enables you to see them from all directions. It’s important for kids to test their limits and be adventurous, but it’s essential to have ground rules to prevent accidents; how to take turns and keep a good distance away from a swing when someone is using it, the proper way to go down the slide, which parts you should and should not climb on, and so forth.

As tempting as it may be remain inside sipping on some lemonade in an air conditioned house, it’s important to be outside and to move around with your kids as they play. This way you can prevent injuries or help treat them if they happen as soon as possible.

Clothing Hindrances

Before they play, make sure that your children are appropriately dressed. Have kids wear fitted and comfortable clothes with no dangling strings or ribbons, untied shoelaces, and billowy capes. If you happen to have any big metal surfaces on your playset, make sure the little ones are wearing appropriate clothes to prevent hot surfaces from touching skin. Remember, if the weather is nice enough to play outside, always, always have your little one wear sunscreen.

Following these simple safety tips can help your children enjoy an exciting and safe time with siblings and friends, and will help ensure you peace of mind.

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