'Jungle' Gym: Imagination Come to Life

Nothing says Childhood quite like a swing set. As happy memories of sunny summer days spent adventuring with neighborhood pals at the playground flood back to you, you've surely got a knowing smile on your face. Those busy summer days were about more than just your favorite slide, they were about the imaginative tales you wove that inspired your free spirited play. Dragons loomed around every corner, and the top of the playset was surely the perfect lookout for spying pirates on the horizon. The built in tic-tac-toe was actually a top secret message encoder, and the footbridges lead to a jungle untamed, and unexplored. Nothing was as it appeared, and that was the magic of it.

Your childhood playset could play host to any number of wild, untold stories, and you were their limitless creator. Pass the wonder of playground games on to your children this summer, and watch as they weave their very own tales of pirates and princesses.


A La Moat

This truly awesome activity is fashioned specifically for the sandbox. Whether your sandbox includes a play set or not, get ready for some messy fun! All you need is the garden hose and a few boats and trucks from your children's toy chest. Swim suits are a must here, as this playtime fun is perfect for a hot summer day. Help your children fashion hills and moats of sand, or pull out the sand castle bucket to construct a castle of sprawling proportions. Once you've completed the mountains and valleys, turn on the hose and watch the magic happen! The castles come to life with flooded trenches perfect for boats on guard, and plastic trucks can plow through floods of epic proportions. Fun for little gals and guys alike, you'll have to wrangle them from their adventures when bathtime rolls around.

Timeless Treasure Hunt

Turn your children's play set into a creative treasure hunt adventure, and watch the magic ensue! Using printer paper or bright colored construction paper, fashion and design personalized clues with crayons and markers to lead your children to a fun surprise. Let the clues begin inside, winding their way to a grand finale of climbing and ducking to find treasures hidden within the play set! A treasure hunt can be as simple or detailed as necessary to accommodate children of all ages. From picture clues to suggestive sentences, lead the way to a fun outdoor picnic, or a small treasure of your child's longing.

Little Foot Olympics

Your children love a challenge, and you love to see them enjoying active play. Organize your own olympics, and your play set can act as host! From how many swings each child can complete on the monkey bars to how long it takes each child to climb up to the slide,your child will be fine-tuning motor skills and building strength as they play. Invent as many olympic tasks as your children are up for, and be sure to ask for their help in planning the special events. We also recommend medals or ribbons. Because at the Little Foot Olympics, no task goes uncelebrated!


Kitchen Aide

Admittedly, this one is pretty basic. And yet somehow, it never fails. Donate your kitchen tools to the sandbox for the day, and enjoy the sweet treats of your children's creations! From strainers to tupperware, pitchers to pans, spare no utensils for your children's 'cooking' fun, and rack up bonus points for allowing the garden hose to be part of the play! Watch as your children's play set becomes the loving home, and they all pitch in to create an intricate family story. We could tout this activity as great developmental play, but suffice it to say, it's just good old fashioned fun. Mud pie anyone?

The host of so many wonderful childhood adventures, the backyard play set is sure to be well-worn this summer. Rainbow Play Systems of Fargo wishes you and your children happy playing, and many lasting memories.

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