Finding the Perfect Swingset

The options, colors, and slides are endless, and the perfect swing set for your family is happily awaiting your selection. With so many unique designs, themes, and built-in activities, how do you choose the play set that's perfect for your family now, as well as a few years down the road? Does the supersized swing set come complete with installation and a childproof guarantee? Will the materials stand up to the challenge of a group of kids hard at play? With a few helpful tips, we will have you well on your way to picking out the best play set to please your children and ease your mind.

When searching for a swing set, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. A great place to begin is your own backyard. How much space does your yard allow for play equipment? Can it accommodate a large swing set comfortably, or will you be looking for something a bit smaller? When considering size, factor in about six feet of clearance around the playset for safety reasons, and choose accordingly.

Will your children be dazzled by a castle design, or will they adore the escape of a clubhouse? Is a sandbox essential to your child's play, or will a picnic table incite smiles? Having a general idea of the features you'd like in a play set is recommended when considering size, as our swing set options are vast and customizable. Thinking that a tire swing and climbing options would be well received? We have six featured castle designs to select from. Will a playhouse delight your kids? We've got clubhouse options for that! We'll work with the space you have to find you the perfect swing set that will grow with your family.

With your play set wish list in mind, what are your maintenance requests? Our 100% California Redwood playsets are beautiful and built to last. Sets constructed with recycled materials can also be a great choice, despite their often higher price tag. Take note of the playset's hardware quality and craftsmanship, as a perfect playset is also functional, safe, and durable.

A great big swing set promises great big fun, though a little extra work where installation is concerned. Delivery and installation can be pricey add-ons to your playset, as installation can take upwards of 40 hours depending on design. Your installers may charge by the hour, or set their price according to the difficulty of installation. Planning on DIY'ing your way to a new swing set? It's definitely do-able, given a bit of patience and some extra time. Installation costs may even be covered in the initial price!

With over 100 options available from original designs to customizable play sets, trust the quality of Rainbow Play Systems for your children's backyard memories, and watch the fun follow!

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