Make Some Backyard Memories This Summer

It is hard to believe that summer is almost halfway over. Don’t let the season pass you by; make some time to focus on the present and reconnect with your family. The best part? You can enjoy all of the ideas below from the comfort of your own backyard.

Build a Fort

For a kid, there are few things that make you feel more accomplished than building a fort. Grab some extra pillows, blankets, and cushions, and head outside. If you have a treehouse, turn your fort into an almighty fortress in the sky!

Become the Swiss Family Robinson

This one uses a whole lot of imagination. Using your Rainbow Play Set, imagine yourselves stranded on a deserted island. How do you survive? Use a bucket, some string, and water to create a pulley system. Cross the play set without falling into the “water.” This idea is an adventure in imagination and storytelling. Get creative with this one!

Backyard Movie Time

Set up a projector in your backyard to watch some movies underneath the stars. Do a double feature of some feel-good summer movies. Have your kids host an intermission where they can showcase their own theater talent. Get a little nostalgic and play some home videos. The best part of hosting your own movie night is that you can bring in all the snacks you want!

Combine your Staycation with Camping

Camp outside with the convenience of air conditioning and a working bathroom ten feet away from your tent’s front door. Pitch a tent and challenge yourselves to imagine that you are in the wilderness. Light a bonfire, roast some s’mores, and spend the evening telling spooky stories. End your night with some stargazing.

Makeover your Playset

Is your playset well-loved, but also well-worn? Breathe new life into with a fresh makeover. Give it a fresh coat of paint. Add some vibrant curtains in playful colors for a fresh pop of color. Name your play set and customize a sign to hang from it. Add a swinging seat or cushion for a little added fun. Add a chalkboard wall and leave playful messages for each other. The possibilities to create and personalize are endless.

Build an Oversized Game Set

Oversized game sets are becoming popular yard games. Create your own with some DIY projects. Build a set of oversized dominoes, lawn bowling, giant jumbling towers, and more. Once you have some sets together, create a day-long tournament of yard games. Set challenges, obstacles, and support each other to the end!

With an abundance of activities to squeeze into the rest of your summer, your family won’t be short on ideas or adventure. Let Rainbow Play Systems be your basis for some backyard fun. Make the most out of your summer by making memories with you family.

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